Game Overview


Reign of Terror is an MMO simulation game that takes place in a cyberpunk metaverse. Players go through the storyline by completing various types of missions that require collecting a diverse set of NFTs and items, represented as different game elements, such as heroes, units, equipment, blueprints, vehicles, land, a building system and unpredictable units you can bring to the battlefield.


Set in a dark and dystopian alternate earth, Reign of Terror takes place in an extremely stratified society where equality is an unknown concept, and the strong prey on the weak. The environment is sacrificed for the sake of profit, and while those on top reap the benefits, those below receive no social support, creating a survival of the fittest society within vertical cities on a near ruined planet.



Future Metaverse Vision

Players interact with each other in a vertical cyberpunk world in VR. Players show off their individuality in different gameplay modes to form stronger social bonds and gain fame (or infamy). Players have interdependence with each other in the RoT economy and can earn a decent living off of it. The Reign of Terror IP carries over to real life immersion and daily interaction through AR. Bring items like weapons and other trophies into the real world.
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